"Every soul has, like the moon, a dark side that he doesn't show to anybody." (Mark Twain)


This website is dedicated to the television series "The Sentinel". No copyright infringement is intended and no money has exchanged hands. The stuff you find here is for the reader's entertainment only. So, don't sue, it's not worth it. All stories are rated NC-17. Read at your own risk <g>.

The Stories

In the Spider's Web (466 KB) In the darkness of the night Blair is brutally attacked. Was it Jim? WARNING: Heavy angst, dark, NO happy end!
Welcome to Cascade (84 KB) Blair's being strip-searched at the airport Warning: graphic non-con strip-search scene, h/c provided
Unlike any other -- Sentinel Too (80 KB) Warning: m/f (Jim / Alex)
Cop of the Year (385 KB) Jim receives another "Cop of the Year" award. Warning: Graphic violence, bordering on torture, NC-17 for sexual content
The Negotiator  (871 KB) AU, NC-17, first times, violence, h/c, n/c, angst, J/B, Blair/Kincaid. Summary:  Kincaid comes to Cascade. Warning: High-volume of violence, non-con scenes,  NC-17 for sex and violence.
The Sentence (188 KB) In a remote country at the other end of the world Blair is accused of a ridiculous crime and the punishment is severe; m/m (J/B), h/c, angst, violence WARNING: violence (public punishment as a crime sentence).

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